ALAC Rescue - Regional Coordinators List

If there is NOT a representative listed for your region or state, please direct inquiries to the board at Lhasa Apso Rescue. ** NOTE - This e-mail will be viewed less frequently and immediate responses can not be guaranteed. Additionally, written inquiries can be mailed or faxed to

American Lhasa Apso Club Rescue
c/o Black Valley Farm
144 Stone Ridge Court
Everett PA   15537
FAX: 814-624-5135

Because we depend soley on volunteers and we do not have coverage in all areas of the country, it is possible that your adoption process and approval may be delayed or even be geographically impossible. The more active volunteers we have, the more efficient our ability to respond to the needs of the dogs and the adopters will be. Please consider volunteering.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the process!

** National Lhasa Apso Rescue **
Email this address [Lhasa Apso Rescue] ONLY if there isn't a representative listed for your State.

Northeastern Coordinator & Rep. - Helen & Scott Brown, (814) 624-5136, lhasas@bkvsoap.com, FAX: 814-624-5135, PA, NJ, NY, WV, and Eastern OH.

Rep. Ernie Duncan - ernie.duncan@gmail.com, NH.

Mid-Western Coordinator & Rep. - Deborah Crouser, fluffmama3@yahoo.com, OH, IN, Western WV, KY and MI.

Rep. Kristen Krasny, (920) 376-4101 - kristenkrasny@yahoo.com, WI.


Greater Lakes Coordinator & Rep. - Helen & Scott Brown, (814) 624-5136, lhasa_apso_rescue@bkvsoap.com, WI, MN, and IL.

Rep. Kristen Krasny, (920) 376-4101 - kristenkrasny@yahoo.com, WI.

Greater Lakes Rep. - HELP NEEDED FOR, ND, SD, NE, IL, MO and IA.

Mid Atlantic/Central Eastern [DC area] Coordinator & Rep. - Christine Hutchinson, (410) 721-0053, cghutch@comcast.net, DE, MD, DC, Northern VA.

Southeastern Coordinator - HELP NEEDED FOR, TN, NC, SC, and southern VA.

Deep South Coordinator - HELP NEEDED FOR, GA.

Deep South Rep. - HELP NEEDED FOR, AL, AR, FL, LA, KY and MS.

North Central Coordinator - HELP NEEDED

Rockies [West Central] Coordinator & Rep. - Vickie Kuhlmann, (970) 663-5910, ApsoRescue@aol.com, CO, UT, NE, WY, SD and OK.

South Central/Texas Coordinator & Rep. - Teresa Osborn, website Lone Star Shih-tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue, TERESA@shihtzu-rescue.com, TX.

Southwestern Coordinator & Rep. - Brian Lannan, (909) 621-7371, or cell at (714) 474-9115, lannanarms@msn.com, NM, AZ, NV & Southern CA.

Deborah Crouser, swlhasaresue@yahoo.com

Northwestern Coordinator & Rep. - Becky Hughes, (360) 668-2842, becky@wmhughes.com, WA, OR, ID, MT, and BC Canada.

California Coordinator & Rep. - lhasas@bkvsoap.com


National Breeder Referral - Leslie Baumann, Located in Indiana, Leslie can refer you to the closest Lhasa Apso breeder in your geographical area. Leslie is also a rescue volunteer in the Midwest.

Western US Breeder Referral - Pat Keen-Fernandes
Eastern US Breeder Referral - Beverly Drake

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