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In Memory of Munchkin who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-06 at almost 21 years old. Munchkin was our first Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”) and lives on as our poster Lhasa ... If you would like to make a donation for, or sponsor a Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”), please use the buttons below!
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Adoption/Fostering Application

This questionnaire is designed to help you think through the various aspects of dog ownership that should be considered before you adopt a dog. We realize this is a long form, but Please answer ALL questions and elaborate as much as possible. Your answers give us a better idea of what you might consider the right dog for you. Again, PLEASE take the time to respond to EACH and EVERY question, incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please use the TAB key to move from field to field.

Items marked with an* are required fields, this form will not process without them.

Some people have been having problems with the application, so you might want to as a precaution PRINT OUT A COPY OF THE APPLICATION, that way if there is a problem sending it you will have a printed copy you can fill out and snail mail to us. Make sure you have filled out ALL of the required fields, it will not send electronically if you haven't. If you are having a problem with the application below, PLEASE CLICK HERE (opens in new window), print and fill out this application and email Amy or Helen to find out who to send it to.