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In Memory of Munchkin who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-06 at almost 21 years old. Munchkin was our first Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”) and lives on as our poster Lhasa ... If you would like to make a donation for, or sponsor a Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”), please use the buttons below!
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In Memory Of Prancer

My dear Prancer what can I say other than you were the best dog I ever had and never saw a dog as special as you were! You were so smart, loving, loyal and the best friend anyone ever ask for. I still can not believe you are gone.... Your life was way too short, and I thought I would have you for many more years to come. You had a wonderful life and so many people loved you and you will never be forgotten. You had all of your little routines and everything was fine when Mommy was with you. Even your brother Santino wonders where you are, since he is only 3 years old he does not quite understand, but he knows you are not with us anymore and still says your name. I am so sorry that I had to make that dreadful decision most pet owners have to experience when their beloved pet is suffering and in pain. I will never forget that night, but I am trying to focus on all the happy times we had together for the past 11 years.

I can not wait to see you again, I know you will be waiting for me and when I see you again, we will pick up where we left off and will never be apart again. I will give you a kiss and hug and we will take a walk around the block. Rest well my sweet 'boopers" and remember you are always in my heart and not a single day goes by that I do not think about you and I start to cry.....

Love you!

In Memory Of Pop Keeler

Pop KeelerPop joined our family April 9, 2000. His former caretaker died and 7 Lhasas were found in her home. My husband and I had recently placed an application with the Lhasa Apso Rescue when Meredith Morris called us to tell us about him. He was eight years old and his daughter Lalli was three. We adopted both because they had always lived together.

We hadn't lived with dogs in our adult lives so we didn't know what to expect. Meredith guided us through everything - I called her regularly for the first three months! When we met them, Pop immediately jumped on Frank's chest and claimed him. He didn't leave his side - from the first day until the day he died.

When Pop and Lalli moved in, Lalli crated herself for eight months. She was in a constant state of fear. Pop was her constant protector. He stepped in front of her whenever anyone came near her. As the years went on and Lalli became more self confident, Pop didn't need to do this as much. In his last years, their roles reversed. Lalli slept in front of Pop and guided him when he was confused. She was a wonderful caretaker to him.

It seems Pop's entire mission in life was to give love. Everyone that met him got a greeting. He enjoyed sitting in the sun, loved his newspaper toy, protected Lalli when she got scared and took right away to Kathleen, his overnight babysitter, Roxanna, his dog walker/friend and Mike and Kathy our favorite neighbors. The trust he showed in all of us was humbling.

As Pop got older, he lost his sight and hearing, had arthritis and then a large tumor was found in his mouth. After being diagnosed as malignant, we decided Poppie had lived a long, wonderful life. At the age of seventeen, we didn't want him to spend his last days in more pain than he was already in. We said goodbye to Poppie Friday, December 4, 2009.

Pop, we miss you and were truly the lucky ones to have met and loved you. You were the best dog we'll ever have. You brought us just short of ten years of love and joy. We feel your spirit with us. Thank you Poppie. We love you dearly.
Love always,
Frank, Theresa Lalli and Sonny

In Memory Of Lucy (Angel)

Born 1995 ? - Went to the Rainbow Bridge December 31 2012

Lucy, who started her life as Angel, come to our home in 2005. She brought us lots of joy. Like all great Lhasa's she was a little "Drama Queen", but a very good puppy. We have many great memories of her and always a soft spot in our hearts.

Hank Hofer