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In Memory of Munchkin who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-06 at almost 21 years old. Munchkin was our first Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”) and lives on as our poster Lhasa ... If you would like to make a donation for, or sponsor a Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”), please use the buttons below!
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In Memory Of Lane Charles Gossman


In Memory Of Ani

AniANI came to us just months after birth and never left until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week. She had a much easier life then most of Lhasa's here and was blessed with not having any medical problems until the last year of her life. She lived with my other two dogs Issey (a Shitzu) and Scotty (a Carin Terrier) both males. The boys never had a chance with her around Ani was the boss until the end. When my wife would bring new stuffed toys home for all three dogs within 30 minutes ANI had all three toys. It was almost as if the boys gave them to her as gifts. She would position all these stuffed treasures around her Bed and new what was there all the time. I was fortunate to work at home and found her by my feet constantly. If someone approached me that she was not familiar with Ani would get in front of me as if to guard me. She did not like walking unless it was off the leash. If she chased a squirrel she always looked back to make sure I was in her view. On the weekends it was get Mom's paper time out the door rain or shine to the news. She could not carry it since it was half her weight (The Chicago Tribune) however, she put her paw on it as if to claim it. The photo shows her in her favorite spot the garden bench taking command of the world she could see. Many days I would sit with her and talk of the days events as if she was human. As the years went on she had to be lifted onto the bench and up the stairs. On her last day I took her outside and put her on the patio table so she could view the world and I worked while she watched. It was hard to believe how sick she was.

Last September Ani started having seizures which the vet was able to control with meds and she was back to normal again. This June she was diagnosed with congestive heart problems more meds and she managed to snap back again until the middle of this September then all the problems emerged again this time she stopped eating. On her final night I slept in my office chair with my hand on her waking up constantly checking her state. By early morning our poor Ani could barely lift herself off the floor. That morning I made that trip to the vet that all dog lovers dread. I wrapped her in a soft rug and sat with her looking in her eyes, talking to her and rubbing her behind ears until the end.

When I got home I was a wreck. I was searching the web for memorial ideas and I found the ALAC website and read about the Virtual Adoption program. What a fitting way to memorialize our loyal friend and ease our pain by Helping another sick Lhasa. We choose to help little "Maggie". So every April 14 (Ani's birthday) ALAC can count on Ani's family to help another sick Lhasa.
We love you and will miss you always Ani.
Paul, Jane, Heather
Issey and Scotty

In Memory Of Issey & Scotty

Scotty & Issey & Ani
In Memory of Scotty and Issey "Ani's Pack". In 2007 I lost Ani and found out about ALAC and the bridge. The "Bridge" has helped me through many a painful day over the past five years. In the past 3 months I had to let the other 2 members of Ani's pack Scotty and Issey cross the "Bridge".

Scotty was a pistol. As a 23lb Carin Terrier. He was a fearless protector. In one incident a 70lb Pit Bull charged us while we were walking. Scotty jumped in front of Issey and I as if to protect us. Needless to say he lost however, the Pit bull needed his lower legs and chest stitched up. When the fight was over Scotty laid on the ground motionless. I walked over and bent down to help him and before I knew it he was up ready to fight again. I was thinking on changing his name to "Rocky”. By this time in his life he was half blind and deaf. This made no difference his goal in life was to mate with Ani and be the pack warrior. As time went on Scotty lost all his hearing and sight yet he still managed to walk everyday with Issey and I. When he was off the leash he could only walk in clockwise circles (because of nerve damage). This made little difference he still managed to find his way down the hill on to the golf course we lived on. In July of 2012 he had several strokes and slowly got to the point where I had to put him asleep at 14.

Issey tended to be the ageless puppy. He was always running, jumping, not paying attention and barking. Ani seemed to train him in the art of being the "Pack" scout. Issey would sit on the floor by the garden doors keep watch for the high wire enemy: Squirrels. When spotted he would come downstairs to my office barking and get Ani and Scotty. The squirrel's had to contend with a three way”Pack” attack. The pack went out the sliding door so fast they would knock it off the track. By now the squirrel’s started to get the hang of the plan and it was ciaos. They would start crossing the wires in pairs in opposite directions. Occasionally one would fall and take off so fast the dogs could not possibly keep up. I am sure a good time was had by all. After Scotty crossed the bridge Issey and I continued our walking his favorite activity. In October Issey decided he wanted to finish his walk with a dash across the fairway. It was not uncommon for him to do this however, for some reason at this time in his life it just seemed odd since he was getting older and not as active. Within five weeks he no longer could walk and had to be fed by spoon. On December 09 Issey crossed the bridge to join Ani and Scotty. I can see the squirrels running for cover.

Since our loss over the past few months we have started over with a five month old baby girl Lhasa Ella who was born on my birthday.
We love you and will miss you always Ani, Issey and Scotty.
Paul, Jane, Heather