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In Memory of Munchkin who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-06 at almost 21 years old. Munchkin was our first Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”) and lives on as our poster Lhasa ... If you would like to make a donation for, or sponsor a Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”), please use the buttons below!
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Angel Raggs Bandit Mayberry

Lhasa Angel Annie In Memory ....

A.K.C. Raggs Bandit of Mayberry C.G.C. He was my companion as a puppy he was a character. They say that a Lhasa Apso can see directly into your soul when they look into your eyes. Raggs was my Service Dog he would alert me when it was time to take medication yeah let me know when my sugar levels were down and when I was about to have a seizure. One day he save my life because he sensed that I was about to have a seizure he got me into the safe area of the bedroom on the bed. Two weeks later and neighbor told me she noticed jumping and barking that was at the sliding glass door trying to get someones attention to help me. I told her I had passed out in the house, she knew he doesn't act that way so she knew something was wrong. She just didn't think anything of it at the time, so you see Raggs was my hero.

I Love and Miss you Raggs
Nora Mayberry

Angel Calving Myers

In Memory ....

Calvin was picked up as a stray in Canton Ohio. I saw him and had to make him mine. He lived with me for 15 months before he crossed. I love and miss you Calvin. You taught me what unconditional love was. Thank you Odean for posting him, Christine for setting up the adoption, and Helen for fostering him.
Lhasa Angel Muffy (Baby Girl)