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In Memory of Munchkin who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-06 at almost 21 years old. Munchkin was our first Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”) and lives on as our poster Lhasa ... If you would like to make a donation for, or sponsor a Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”), please use the buttons below!
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Angel Muffin

Lhasa Angel MuffinIn Memory ....

Our sweet little special needs Lhasa crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this morning in Scott's arms. Muffin came to us almost 5 years ago after several homes that did not work out. When we picked her up from her previous home, she weighed 9lbs and was nothing but skin/bones. The vet gave her 2-4 weeks to live in March '98 and she has lived a most comfortable life with us ever since. Muffin had irritable bowel and stomach problems, but with medications and love, she started to thrive and weighed 17.8 lbs her last vet visit. It took Muffin several years to decide she was with us forever; she always though a car ride was her next home forthcoming. Muffin had congestive heart failure and pneumonia over the last month. Now she is at peace and no longer hurting. She is laid to the rest in our backyard under a pine and overlooking the Juniata River. God please make her comfortable.

We Love and Miss you Muffin
Helen, Scott &
(Lhasa siblings) Buttons, Lucy, Desi, and Casey

Angel Mickey

In Memory ....

Mickey, Update - 4/29/2003 - Mickey is in Maryland waiting for the outcome of his cancer operation and then to undergo an ear operation. His next test will be in a few weeks.

Update - 9/4/2002 - Mickey was transferred to the care of another vet to be evaluated for inner ear surgery. During examination this vet palpated a "nodule" on Mickey's thyroid. Mickey underwent surgery in August 20, 2002, and his pathology came back as positive for follicular carcinoma. Excision of the neoplasm appeared complete, but Mickey will need to be followed for the next nine months with sonograms/x-rays to insure surgery effected a cure and there is no metastases. Mickey will be available for adoption pending his nine month followup (May 2003) if there is no progression of disease. Please keep this very, very special boy in your thoughts and prayers.


2005 - Sweet little Mickey has passed away and is romping whole and once again healthy at the rainbow bridge. He is deeply missed by his family.

Blind Lhasa Mickey, a very special boy!


Angel Lizzy

Lhasa Angel Lizzie In Memory ....

It is with much sadness that I write this ... Lizzie was, literally, the perfect little dog. Quiet and unassuming, she was so happy to live with a family finally, some place warm and caring. I'll never forget the look on her face when she realized she was being invited into the house ... that the door would always open for her. The demon of seizure is gone, little one ... you can rest easy now. I'll see you at the Bridge.

Lhasa Love,

Angel Snoopy

In Memory ....

We took this feller in January 04 when his foster mom got seriously sick. He was Blind but could SEE. He was DEAF but he could HEAR. He immediately made himself an equal member of our family of 6 counting himself. Then he managed to ease himself deeply into our hearts, yes all 5 of us, until we had to let him go to Cross the Bridge in December (04). There is no way to express the joy and love he managed to give us and we ALL MISS HIM DEARLY.

Lynda, Floyd, Vally, Diva and Lily--yes even the cat loved him!

Lhasa Angel Snoopy

Angel Bubba

Lhasa Angel Bubba In Memory ....

October 4, 2008

Bubba died this morning.

Typically, he finished his breakfast, laid down and then went to sleep forever. Each time I go to Louisville and walk through the buildings, I keep hoping to find another Bubba - realistically though, I know there will never be another.

I Love and Miss You Bubba ...

Angel Mercy

Lhasa Angel Mercy In September of 1996 my friend told me of a dog who needed a home. She was being kept at a vets and the staff named her "Moviestar".

She was brought to the vets by a lady who found her along side of the road. She had been hit by a car, was pregnant and infested with fleas. The lady told the vet to give her the care she needed and she would pay the bill (the good samaritan story from the bible, that's why I named her Mercy).

On 10/1/96 I took her home, she was estimated to be around 4 to 6 years old at that time. I quickly found out what a Lhasa Apso was :) She immediately became queen of the house, bossing my cock-a-poo Pandy around. She also was a very active and verbal girl, and guarded me everywhere I went.

Pandy passed away on 7/17/98 and Mercy and I completely bonded. She was my constant companion, she was such a clown, so happy, I believe she was a gift from the Lord to me, she made me laugh. On 5/11/99, Mercy had two herniated discs and had to have an expensive operation, it was a complete success. I held my breathe all these years afraid her back would go out again. I could not keep her still, she was constantly running and jumping while making those Mercy sounds, as hard as she could go.

On 1/6/05 my house became very quiet, even with three other dogs I obtained from ALAC Rescue. My Mercy passed away and is buried in the back yard with my Pandy and my daughters cat.

Sweet Mercy, how I Loved and Appreciated you, you are Greatly Missed!
Vera Skender

Angel Brandon

Lhasa Angel Brandon (Brandy) In Memory ....

My precious Brandy went across the Rainbow Bridge safe in my arms yesterday. I am glad I had the oppurtunity to love him for over 2 years. My heart just aches when I look at his bed, blanket, toys, but I know he was treated like a little king his last two years and that is all I could do.

May God continue to bless you and your wonderful work with these precious angels.

I Love and Miss You Brandy ...