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In Memory of Munchkin who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-06 at almost 21 years old. Munchkin was our first Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”) and lives on as our poster Lhasa ... If you would like to make a donation for, or sponsor a Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”), please use the buttons below!
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Angel Charlie

In Memory ....

My sweet dog Charlie, the dog who was to stay with me for only 2 weeks stayed the remainder of his life. In just 14 months Charlie stole a huge chunk of my heart.

He was dumped at a shelter in MD. at the age of 15 years. He was pulled by Zelinda and Helen brought him to Ohio, to me.

Yes he was elderly, but he so enjoyed the yard, the boys (Noah & Hobie, my dogs) and going for walks. How he loved his walks, at times he would actually skip like a young dog, how that would make me laugh! And he loved me and how I loved him.

Lhasa Angel Charlie
When I came home from work, he was always right by my feet and followed me constantly. I think he was afraid of being dumped again. Charlie enjoyed the last 14 months of his life greatly. He had that "Happy Lhasa Smile" on his face much of the time. Charlie taught me about aging and how you still need much love and tender care. He so appreciated his good food, treats and being loved and cared for.

Charlie went so quickly and I miss him so much. He is buried in the back yard with my beloved Pandy and Mercy, a place of honor. My only regret is that I did not have him his whole life.

I love you sweet Charlie!
Vera Skender

Angel Chelsea

Lhasa Angel Chelsea In Memory ....

We lost Chelsea to heart failure last week (January 2007)
Chelsea is a beautiful, very agile girl who walks well on a leash and rides beautifully in a car. She is still in "shelter shock" so it is difficult to determine her personality, but so far she has been very quiet and indifferent to her surroundings. She avoided dog biscuits and hard kibble but ate well of the dog ambrosia ... I suspect her mouth might hurt. Unfortunately with a Grade 5-6 heart murmur, a dental probably is not an option for her.

She stunk to high heaven and has had two baths already. She tolerates being bathed very well. She's obviously not accustomed to much by way of luxury because with all the furniture and beds in the house, she is curled up on the linoleum floor in the entranceway, right next to a soft dog bed.

In reading her history, it is mentioned the family who surrendered her had her for 12 years. Note was made to chaining her outdoors, and also to her being in the basement. "Peed in the basement" was the quote. It also mentioned she was good with older kids. And finally, the comment that made my blood boil ... after 12 years, they had no idea how she behaved at the vet, because she had not been to one. No shots, no HW, nothing. Thankfully she was HW negative ... more by good luck than good management.

Heart tug moment ... the dogs, including Chelsea, were outside as I was watering the flowerbeds. The kids next door started up a game of basketball and I thought Chelsea was going to go through the fence. She cried like a baby and did her best to climb out, chew out, dig out. I was on the phone with Mary Ann and she could hear Chelsea's cries. When the kids were called in to supper, Chelsea quieted down immediately. Then, a bit later, a family was walking by with laughing kids, one bouncing a ball ... again, Chelsea went nuts. This is a dog who likes kids.

Omigosh ... as I'm typing she came into the office and stood in the middle of the room, looking at me. I patted the sofa behind my computer chair and she looked at me uncertainly, and then jumped up, immediately rubbing her face on the blanket covering the sofa. She is now stretched out to her full length but still watching me, ready to jump if she senses disapproval.

What an incredibly sweet kid ... certainly undeserving of being abandoned in her senior years.

There .. she finally put her head down with a little sigh.

Chelsea is very missed ...
Her Foster Family

Angel Maggie

In Memory ....

February 25 2008

Sweet Miss Maggie is on her way to the Bridge after being in this world about 15 (no one really knows) years. She reached the place where all that was left for her was pain that could no longer be relieved. So I made the decision to set her free. She always shook when she went to the vet. She didn't this she knew. She even looked happy. I held her close in my arms as she crossed over and told her she will always be with me and that she was about to embark on a "most excellent adventure". She was such a good girl. There has never been a sweeter soul. I am happy I was able to give her love and comfort in her golden years and to allow her grace and diginity in her passing.
Lhasa Angel Maggie

God Speed, my Sweet Angel. You will live forever in my heart.
Debbie Crouse

Angel Renley

Lhasa Angel Renley
In Memory ....

November 16, 2008

He was loved for almost fifteen years by his mom Terri and family, Chris, Reese and Kailey. He crossed the rainbow bridge November 16, 2008. Renley loved life and had a unique spunk about him. Renley would "sing” along with you. He loved a good belly rub or was satisfied with just having someone blow in his face. He was a companion to his mom through thick and thin. His love never faltered. He will be missed by his furry friends Max and Ping. Heaven gained another angel.

Angel Debbie

In Memory ....

October 2008

My little Griffie girl Debbie. She was not a Lhasa but she had a Lhasa boyfriend Sunny :-)))) Once he got used to her I think he was quite fond of her and certainly liked her better than the boys. Debbie was always a very pretty, very perky little dog - whenever As Good as it Gets was on - I swear she watched! Its like she knew one of her own was a star. I dont think I will be able to watch that movie again for a long long time and I always enjoyed it so.

She was the sociable one, the Princess who went to the Petsmart parties and dressups. She just got over a sinus infection and still seemed not herself so just this past Monday I got all blood work and a full body xray - she had an enlarged heart but my vet felt it was something that would give her trouble later but not now. She was supposed to be ten years old but her medical workup suggested she might be older. She left me so suddenly - I still expect a call from the vet telling me there was a mistake that she was just in a coma and came out of it.
Angel Princess Debbie

My Sweet Bridge Angel ...