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In Memory of Munchkin who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-06 at almost 21 years old. Munchkin was our first Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”) and lives on as our poster Lhasa ... If you would like to make a donation for, or sponsor a Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”), please use the buttons below!
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Angel Duke

Lhasa Angel Duke In Memory ....

October 2008

In memory of our beloved and spoiled Duke (aka Dukey Dukes)

In May 2005 Muffy and Duke changed our lives. Although we had some challenges at first, Joe and I embraced our two Lhasas with love and lots of attention. Muffy and Duke certainly changed our daily routine and we quickly became educated on the Lhasa personality; we were well suited for one another. Unfortunately, in October 2008, at 15 years plus, Duke went to "puppy dog heaven". In honor of Duke we purchsed Black Valley soaps for Christmas gifts and we made a donation to ALAC. Duke would want us to help his fellow Lhasas. Our best memories of Duke are that he loved to lay out on our deck on sunny but cold Chicago days (we're talkin' Jan and Feb). He loved to eat snow and Greenies. He would lick Muffy's ear and would let her "pounce" on him and not show an ounce of aggression. Here are some of our favorite pics of Duke.

Enjoy and love your Lhasa!
Cathie, Duke's Mommy

Angel Sam

In Memory ....

December 15, 2008

Sam was not a Lhasa, but a cousin a Shih Tzu. Paul and I lost our little boy yesterday morning. Last Friday he had a tooth pulled and seemed to be doing well until Sunday when he stopped eating, threw up and just laid in his bed moaning and barking. We thought that he was having a reaction to the antibiotic he was on. So Paul ended up staying up all night with him until I got up at 4:45 AM yesterday morning. Paul went to take a nap and I got ready for work. I called the vet and set up an appointment for 2 PM yesterday afternoon for Sam and Rolly, but before I could make it home from work, Sam had slipped away... It was the hardest thing to see when I arrived home. Paul was holding Sam in his arms. The vet, Paul and I are not sure what happened, but evidently God wanted Sam to help him.

Angel Sam
We still had an appointment at the vet for Rolly, so we had to leave our precious Sam and take Rolly down to the vet. Rolly has a tumor in his testicle and is having it removed on Friday if it has not spread to the lymph nods. Please keep him in your thoughts. Rolly is the blind and deaf peke mix that we rescued from a West VA shelter. Some of you may remember him.

All Sam's brothers and sisters (Oscar, Rolly, Tillie, Daisya, Caesar and Disco) miss him very much.

He is now with Lizzie waiting at the bridge for all of us
Pat and Paul Meinke

Angel Willie

Angel Willie In Memory ....

February 14, 2009

Willy passed on today. He was unstable and disoriented yesterday and wouldn't eat anything but cat food. This morning he made it from the bedroom to the kitchen but had no control over his functions. He lay down on the kitchen floor and had a couple of episodes that wrenched my heart. Schneider's took him in at 10:00 and that female vet you hate had to shave three legs before she got the shot in. The vet tech was holding him when they finally got it going and I wanted it to be me. The long wait until the appointment and the ride on my lap let my boy know that I was doing this for him.

I miss him already, there/s nobody to step over
going from living room to kitchen.

Angel Muffy

In Memory ....

On Father's Day 2009 we lost our little Muffy Girl. Also known as Muffy Muffins and Baby Girl. Muffy was on the cusp of turning "SWEET 16"! In her younger days she loved walks, hanging out in the backyard and on the deck with Duke (her brother).

When she was cuddling with Mommy, she would sleep so soundly against me that I would not disturb her (even if I needed to start dinner). Muffy always demanded physical contact. When we sat on the couch she would scratch the couch, as if asking for permission, then jump up and collapse on her Daddy.
Lhasa Angel Muffy (Baby Girl)
If he stopped scratching her belly or neck she would give him a reminder "to get back to it" with her paw. Silly Daddy, how could he forget what he's supposed to do - Rub My Belly!

Muffy loved her brother Duke and mostly showed it by bossing him around. If he dared to walk pass her when she had a cookie - well he deserved to be pounced on for that. As Duke grew older he could no longer lick her ear and she knew to ease up on the old guy. Now my two babies are together chasing those bunnies and squirrels. We gave them love, respect and a safe and comfy home. They gave us love and happy memories. Bye my sweet baby girl - give Dukey a kiss from Mommy and Daddy!

We Love and Miss You Muffy Muffin ...
Cathy & Joe

Angel Mit-z Anne Bell Kerr

Angel Mit-z Anne Bell Kerr In Memory ....

September 21, 2010

Today you passed through our hearts and fell into heaven. Now you are a puppy again. It is with great sadness I right this tribute to you. Our hearts are truly broken, "My Lil Missy Moo" You came to us almost 6 years ago with your sister Buf-e Marie from Ohio. You had a very sad first 5 years. But then you finally came home to us in "2005", what a happy day. You where very shy, you would not look at us. You two where like twins you had to be touching all the time. You eat together, slept together, sat together always touching. and watching out the window. You became a Lil Lady dressing up in your t-shirts and jewelry. You loved being pampered. You were a pure joy to us. If tears could build a stairway and memories a path. We would run up to heaven and bring you home again were you belong with us. Wait for us we will be there someday. And be together again.

Truly Broken Hearted,
Your Daddy, Mommy and Buf-e & Jess-c