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In Memory of Munchkin who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 9-06 at almost 21 years old. Munchkin was our first Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”) and lives on as our poster Lhasa ... If you would like to make a donation for, or sponsor a Virtual Adoptee ("Forever Foster”), please use the buttons below!
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Angel Munchkin (Granny)

In Memory ....

Munchkin (Granny) is a 19.5 year old Lhasa that was taken into rescue when her owner was placed in a home in the spring 2005. She had been well cared for until he was no longer able to care for her properly and then became a ward of the state of OH. Instead of spending her golden years in a 2'x2' crate in a shelter, Scott & Helen Brown took her on as their "forever foster" where she will always have Lhasa companionship from their own dogs and multiple fosters.

Granny is in excellent health for her age. She loves to eat, sleep and prance around the yard (maybe for a couple minutes until she tires out).

Lhasa Angel Munchkin [aka Granny]
She likes it the best to sleep on a Biederlack blanket in front of the French doors during the day with the sunshine. Granny will play once in awhile if you tickle her sides. She will play bite, turn and prance away, then come back for some more. Granny especially likes to eat Natural Balance Lamb and Rice and likes Charlie Bears for a treat. Granny is our poster dog for "Virtual Adoptions."

Just to let everyone know that Granny crossed the bridge this morning, 9/5/2006. She had started to breathe real hard and I fluffed her blankets and told her to go with the other Lhasas beckoning her on the other side of the bridge. Granny was our first virtual adoption on the web site and will always have a special place within rescue. She would have been 21 in Feb (2007), a very long life for such a sweetheart. She will be laid to rest with our others overlooking the Juniata River in our backyard.

We Love and Miss you Granny
Helen and her Family & the ALAC organization

Angel Annie

Lhasa Angel Annie In Memory ....

This brave little lady was loved by many and will be missed. Annie and her house mates were placed into the Gwinnett County (GA) shelter when her owner passed away. She came into Lhasa rescue along with Pepe and Duchess. Although Annie was deaf, she had not lost her zeal for life. Curious and playful, she loved to be with her Lhasa family and share time with her human friends. She may be gone, but she will not be forgotten by those lucky enough to have there lives come into contact with her.

Pepe & Duchess (joined Annie in 2002), Annies housemates miss Annie, too.

We Love and Miss you Annie
Annie's Foster Family

Angel Tifffany

In Memory ....

Today was a difficult have been the days leading up to today and this decision. I decided that Tiffany needed to Cross the Rainbow Bridge. Tiffany came to me 2 years ago this month as a decrepit 16 year old that was stone deaf (she had those terrible old fashioned ear ligations) and had lived 13 years in a diaper with a woman who was blind and unable to take her out much, if at all. The owner said, a man who claimed Tiffany had been a show dog gave her Tiffany. She was in horrid shape.

For the last 2 years, she has had a pretty good quality of life, considering her physical limitations.

Lhasa Angel Tiffany
When she first arrived, she wasn't sure what grass was and I'll never forget the warm summer day when I found her rolling in it, in pure ecstasy. It was the first time I had seen her show pleasure in anything and made me feel very good about taking her in. As it turned out, she had many happy days here and enjoyed the companionship of the other dogs, especially old Gizmo, who she often shared a basket with and Chief who she flirted with. The day she literally ran out of the kennel with the other dogs, clearly happy and exuberant, was another milestone considering she could barely walk and had zero energy when she first came here. Recently however, she had been falling down and was unable to get back on her feet without help, making it impossible to leave her alone.

Her back was deformed causing her pain when walking and she had become senile and wasn't sure where she was or what she was to do next. She cried a lot. She refused to let me bath her or clean her face and would become so upset and agitated that I feared she would have a heart attack. Clearly, her life no longer held any pleasures...

So, say a prayer for little Tiffany, who's life was not the easiest and who is now free from pain and anxiety but who had a few happy years in the sunshine. When people tell me they don't want to adopt an older pet, I feel bad for them. They don't realize the joy that they would receive from caring for these grateful animals in their final years.

I Love and Miss you Tiffany
Meredith Morris

Angel Duchess

Lhasa Angel DuchessIn Memory ....

Tonight, one of the stars in the heavens burns a little brighter because they have gained a brave little angel - but for those of us left behind the tears still flow. Our little brave Duchess has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with her beloved kennel mate - Annie. Rescued from the Gwinnett County shelter with her two housemates - Annie and Pepe, Duchess touched the hearts of all the 'humans' that were lucky enough to know her. Duchess had spent her last few months being loved by Linda. She had a peaceful end to a long life - knowing she was loved - and loving in return. I think Linda said it best... "Duchess died the way she lived... in her own way and on her own terms. That's all any of us can ask for!" But Duchess... we'll miss you. And we'll never forget you. You brought a lot of meaning to our lives. Duchess still leaves behind her kennel mate Pepe. A young male who is also full of love, happiness, and joy to share with his "forever" home.

We Love and Miss you Duchess
Duchess's Foster Family

Angel Sasha

In Memory ....

Sasha, is a sweet 10 year old Lhasa female that was "donated" to the Pets in Distress shelter in Broward, Florida by her owner. Sasha is a special needs Lhasa that is 80% blind and has diabetes. She is quite small and weighs only around 9 lbs. The Cooper City Animal Clinic has offered to absorb the costs associated with her disabilities for the remainder of her life for whomever adopts Sasha. Could you provide a loving home for this little lady in the autumn of her life? She doesn't deserve to be dumped and killed because of being inconvenient to care for, but someone has to want to help her. Neither of her disabilities requires that much care and she will repay your caring 100 times over in the love she will give.


Sadly, I just received word from Elena at Pets in Distress in Florida, that Sasha, the diabetic Lhasa had a seizure over the weekend and didn't come out of it. The Vet hospital folks are really torn up as they had grown very attached to her and said she was a great dog.