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Rescue Links

Misc Links

American Lhasa Apso Club

Shih Tzu Rescue,
Adoption and Education Safehouse

Wee Rescue

UK Lhasa Apso Rescue

Roxie's Fund

Owners of Blind Dogs
A COMPARISON OF: Traits of Responsible Breeders & Traits of Backyard Breeders

American Pet Dog Trainers

Military Pet Owners Information

Great article on "Cherry Eye"

Food Guarding

The Canine Times

B.A. Barker
(everything doggy)

Pet Lovers Companion
(your #1 reference for everything pets)

DecoTogs Belly Bands
(for those little accidents your Lhasa may have). A portion of sales from our website will be donated to, so please specify American Lhasa Apso Club Rescue in the shopping cart, thank you!

Keystone Canine Training Club

Webrings & Awards

Animal Awareness Award

We have been awarded for our rescue efforts by Dennis Glennon of Please visit his wonderful website and see all the beautiful dog photographs he has for sale. If you buy one a portion of the proceeds are donated to designated rescues.

Be-Mi-Kitties ... May 2002 - Site of the Month

We were Be-Mi-Kitties ... May 2002 site of the month, (you know your special when the kitties love ya!).