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Step 1 In The Adoption Process

Thank you for considering an adoption of a rescue Lhasa Apso. Please take time to carefully read our Contract and Application. We ask many questions, all of which will help us decide whether you will be a good candidate for a rescue dog adoption and which rescue dog would suite your family the best. The question regarding ages of family members is important when it comes to matching dogs with people. Some dogs are accustomed to living with older people and may do better in that type of environment. Alternatively, we would not consider placing a very young dog with someone who was not interested in a dog with a very high energy level. Our questions are simply initial guides for determining possible matches. Our rescue dogs come from every imaginable situation, including homes where they have been abused or where children have been allowed to tease or mistreat the animal. Because of this, we have a policy of not adopting to families with young children. Especially in the age range of under 12 years old. Families with children older than 12 are decided on a case by case basis. This policy is for the protection of the children, our rescue dogs, and for liability reasons.

We do our best to match our dogs up with the best home for their unique personality. This usually takes time. If you are anxious to get the perfect dog tomorrow, rescue may not be your best avenue. However, it does happen quite fast sometimes. That is the nature of rescue.

To be able to provide the best service to our rescue dogs and the people interested in adopting them, we rely solely on your generous donations, adoption fees and surrender fees. Regional reps set the individual adoption fees to cover costs associated with each dog. We have every dog thoroughly vetted before the adoption (this does not include dogs in areas where there is no rescue help, and courtesy postings for dogs that are in shelters and owner posted). We cannot, however, guarantee the health of a rescue dog. There are no guarantees when it comes to a pet's health; there is always the unexpected or unforeseen. Owning a pet can be expensive, and you must be prepared for the eventual aging of your pet. People who are not prepared to take care of their dog in its old age, should not consider applying. We are looking for people who understand this is a commitment for the life of the animal.

We actually get many dogs in who have given 7 to 10 years of their life to a family and then the family decides they no longer want the responsibility of the dog. These animals are wonderful pets that still have many years of quality life and love to give. They are the hardest to place but often make the best pets. Please consider them, maybe even two of them!

Again, thank you for your time and patience in completing our forms and we look forward to helping you find your special Lhasa friend!Sincerely,

Helen Brown & Debbie Leach
National Coordinators/Rescue Reps
American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC) Rescue

Here are just a few of the Happy Dogs who have Happy New Homes and with Happy new Families!

With all that said, please continue on to our Adoption Contract.